Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sony Centre One Utama...

Actually this thing happened fortnight ago..21st Februrary 2009... At first, Tazwat and I, we went to SONY STYLE at THE CURVE.. He wanted to bought the SONY WALKMAN NWZ-A826/B series..but there's no stock.. So we went to ONE UTAMA SHOPPING CENTRE...we went straight away to SONY CENTRE opposite the MPH MEGABOOK STORE... Luckily for him, the is last stock and black colour for that model.. So, the salesgirl give us few u cam see the "tali" at my phone.. 

I really happy for him coz, he got what he "idamkan" before this... HAHHAHA....

Naza Auto World

Today, my best friend Tazwat and I...we went to NAZA AUTO WORLD at Ptaling Jaya.. My first impression is...WOW!!!!!!!... Its because when we step into the we saw all the Ferrari, Austin Martin, Bugatti, Lamborgini and Rolls Roys cars is there.. I really excited, that is the first time I take a look at the real Ferrari, Lamborgini, and etc cars.. Then we went to the show room which store most of the luxary cars.. 

I really likeBMW cars.. So we look after the BMW..I really love to look at the new BMW 6series, Mseries.. There also even the HUMMER H3.. I really like it...

Friday, January 16, 2009

A Little Bit About MySelf

My name is Ahmad Nizwan Bin Ahmad Nawawi..usually people called me Nizwan, Iwan, Wan, Iwan Nawi... I was born on 8th February i'm staying in Perak..but the truth is, I was born in Kuantan, Pahang..both of us, my brother and I... My parents was born in Gerik, Perak.. I only has a brother named Ahmad Nizal Bin Ahmad Nawawi...I calleh him Along... My mother is a teacher in a primary school, Sk Batu 4.. My father is a FELDA staff but will be "pencen" this April..